Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Bed In Pajamas

Who To Talk To About Depression and Anxiety

The overwhelming pressure in your chest, the sense of impending doom, and the feeling of helplessness in your life are not feelings you’re required to live with. When life seems helpless and depressing whether you have a reason to feel that way or not, it’s probably a sign of depression or anxiety. It’s unpleasant, it has a negative effect on your entire life, and it’s awful for your health. If you suspect you might suffer from either depression or anxiety or both, it’s time to talk to a psychologist. Before you do that, you must follow the proper steps.

Avoid Self-Diagnosis
Nothing is more dangerous than self-diagnosing yourself. It’s all right to assume you might suffer from something like depression or anxiety, but it’s not safe to diagnose yourself. There could be many things wrong with you that have nothing to do with either. Your mind and body work in mysterious and very miraculous ways, and what you think is causing issues might be nothing or it might be precisely what you think. Suspecting you have a health issue is one thing, but diagnosing yourself as depressed or anxious is another.

Call Your Doctor 
The best course of action is to call your doctor. Your doctor can help you figure out what’s going on. He or she is trained to listen to your symptoms, to help you eliminate issues, and to perform tests to figure out if there is another issue at hand. Once this is all done and your doctor decides you might just suffer from anxiety or depression, he or she will send you a referral to someone who can help.

Be Honest 
Once your doctor refers you to the correct medical professional to discuss your anxiety and/or depression, it’s time, to be honest. This is not the time to hold things back, sugarcoat it, or change things a bit to make you sound better. It’s time, to be honest. Your medical professional cannot help you if you’re not speaking honestly. Don’t worry about judgment. Their job is not to judge, their job is to help you.

Listen to Your Doctor 
Your doctor knows what’s best for you throughout the course of your treatment. He or she will suggest things, offer advice, and help you in any way. Your job is to do precisely what your doctor tells you to do when it comes to opening up, to trying new things, and to take any medications he or she might prescribe.

Depression and anxiety are devastating, but you don’t have to live with either. Help is available to you when you need it, but you have to make the decision to get help. It’s not an easy decision, and you will feel a myriad of emotions when you finally make the decision. Just know you can talk to someone about how you feel and what is going on, and there is help for you. You needn’t suffer any longer.