The swimming holes at Florence Falls are among the most visited tourist attractions of Litchfield National Park in Australia's Northern Territory.

5 Things To Do In Darwin in Wet Season

Touring Darwin during the wet season doesn’t have to be a “dry” experience. Those wanting to experience Darwin do not have to wait until the dry season to do so. Beginning in November and lasting until April, the wet season lasts half of the year. Although the wet season brings heavy rainfall and monsoons, there are still many attractions and activities available to enjoy.
Here are five things to do in Darwin Wet Season:
1.) Litchfield National Park– Litchfield, located just two hours from Darwin, offers beautiful scenery and wildlife to behold. The national park boasts stunning plant life and magnificent waterfalls that thrive off of the heavy rainfall.The sunsets draw many to the park. Wangi Falls, a popular destination in the park, is a perfect spot to relax and swim in one of the swimming holes. Visitors can walk the trails or ride in jeeps to survey the landscape. Litchfield offers a unique national park experience for those seeking adventure as well as relaxation.

2.) World War Two Tourist Attractions- The wet season is a great time to visit World War Two memorials. In fact, the annual World War Two commemoration takes place during the wet season on February 19th. History aficionados will appreciate the planes and other artifacts that are on display to educate people on an important period in history. The popular Bombing of Heritage World War Two Tour allows people to appreciate the photographs and stories of the event. The memorials will appeal to the history buff as well as to the average person visiting a historical site.

3.) Crocosaurus Cove- This place is home to the largest display of crocodiles in Australia. At the crocodile park, people interact with crocodiles up close. If one chooses, they may get their picture taken while holding a baby crocodile. In another section of the park, visitors can put on swimsuits and go into underwater cages to swim with crocodiles. This is the perfect destination for animal lovers and thrill seekers.

4.) Aboriginal artwork- Darwin is home to one of the world’s earliest civilizations. Throughout the city, one will find many opportunities to explore the beautiful and unique artifacts of the aboriginal people. Visitors learn how to weave and make indigenous tools just as the natives do. Art galleries also offer interested people the opportunity to admire the region’s collection of aboriginal artwork.

5.) Cuisine- Dining options in Darwin are extremely diverse. For those wanting traditional cuisine, Aussie steak is available in locations around the city and will surely satisfy the appetite. There are also a variety of Asian dishes to enjoy in Darwin. For the more adventurous, kangaroo, buffalo, and crocodile is available to taste. There is a wide range of formal and informal eating options to choose from. Eating in Darwin is sure to be a memorable occasion.

Tourists and locals will enjoy these five things to do in Darwin. The wet season in Darwin brings many opportunities for adventure and admiration. From sightseeing in historic parks to holding crocodiles, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Darwin.