How To Keep Car Looking Professional For Work

The proper maintenance of your work car is what keeps it running for years in the hundred-thousand odometer range. It takes half an hour or less to maintain your car each month. Some maintenance tasks are best handled by the professionals, while other tasks can be handled by yourself. Review several ways to maintain a clean, professional look for your car.

Attractive businessman is sitting at steering wheel of his car and smiling. He is holding mobile phone and looking at it with concentration. He wants to call his colleague

Check the Fluids

Check the fluids, which include the oil, coolant and transmission fluid. The checking times vary from once a month to twice a year. You are recommended to change fluids before or during winter when temperatures drop to freezing levels.

The appearance of your car is meaningless if it does not work. A poorly performing engine will overheat quickly and release smoke through the hood. The most important way to care for the engine is to change the fluids regularly.

Redo the Paint

If you see chips or cracks on your car exterior, it may be time to reapply the paint. A paint touch up is a basic car care task that you can complete yourself. Using the car’s specifications, choose the right paint color since two colors can look alike but appear different on the surface.

Use even, consistent brush strokes to blend the paint into the surface. Irregular brush strokes are highly visible on the surface and ruin the overall appearance. Spray-painting the car requires more attention to detail. This technique is effective at covering large areas, but learn how to use the spray carefully to avoid accidents.

Improve the Windshield

Take a moment to review the overall condition of your windshield. You cannot just clean the windshield and ignore the growing collection of cracks and chips. Focus on windshield repairs because poor visibility is a safety concern. Make a note to fix the glass on the side windows and mirrors, too.
Worker on a car wash cleaning car interior

Clean the Inside

Clean the inside of your car from the seats to the floor mats. Most household cleaners are effective at removing stains that have remained for years. You need a clean interior if you plan to impress any co-worker or business associate.

Apply Wax

Applying wax is optional, but it’s recommended to attract positive attention to your car. Everyone notices the new luster on a car regardless of its make and model. Restore the look of an old car to like-new condition using wax. Wash the car thoroughly first and then apply a long-lasting wax that works as a scratch-resistant shield.

Wax the largest areas of the car like the hood and the doors. Avoid drawing attention to only one section when you can wax the entire surface. When you clean the car, you can focus only on the most unclean areas.

Maintenance is the key to keeping a car that works every day for years. Drivers think that they only have to change the fluids when they should also check the interior seats, tires, and engine. Maintaining your car well enough means avoiding accidents and mechanical breakdowns altogether. Know which maintenance steps to take and maintain a constant schedule to keep your car in an ideal condition.