How To Install Outdoor Lighting on a Brick Wall

Take the Time to Do Things Right

The first thing to do when you’re dealing with the electricity of your home is to turn off the power. If there is any doubt about the fuse to turn off, turn off all the electricity. Better to be too careful than not careful enough.

At first, when you install outdoor lighting on a brick wall, you should find a junction box inside the house that is usually in the sub-ceiling. Remove one or more plates to see where the box is located that is closest to the wall where you are going to fix the light. Strip the wires and connect them to the junction box.

I advise you to drill your holes in the sub-ceiling. But before that, you must first draw a pencil cross to have a drill mark. Take your meter and measure from the ceiling then draw a line.

Outdoor light fixture on in the dark on a textured background

Start by drilling from the inside of the house to the outside, being careful not to go too fast so as not to make a big mess of the wall, which would then need to be repaired. To finish in the house, fix the box with the switch and connect the cable after stripping the wires to the same junction box as that containing the wires where the wall lights will be fed.

You will be able to pass the cable towards the outside making sure to leave a piece sufficient to connect it to the sconce. This step will depend on the type of wall sconce you will buy but in general it will be necessary to disassemble the glass to access the base of the bulb. For my part, a few screws hold the glass of the sconce which I must unscrew to install the bulb or, subsequently, replace the latter.

Then, at the back of your sconce, you have the electrical connection system which is generally made up of red, blue and green wires. It is possible that the ground wire may not be present. The connection is simple.

I’d use pliers to cut, not forgetting that I cut the current before starting. Remove about a half inch of a sheath on each of the wires. Cut the wire with enough length to make the connection. I’d start by preparing the wires by cutting the standard bulb pellet that the electricians use to install.

These holes will install the pegs and screws that will hold the bracket in place. Then, I’d position the bracket against the wall to mark the location of the holes to be made. Once the sites marked, I have my drill and I drill the holes needed for this wall lamp.

I advocate, buying quality anchors and one that corresponds to the material of your wall. Attention must be paid to the fact that, depending on the quality of the wall lamp, some pegs available are really not high quality. Once the holes have been made, I’d install the anchors that I’d stick to the edge of the wall.