How to Get Rid of Wasps Around your House

The sounds and sights of spring and summer come along with many insects. Some small, some large, some existing and others, such as wasps, can be downright scary to deal with. Wasps are more likely than other types of bees to sting you and are loud and annoying. The way to get rid of wasps is to get rid of the nest to encourage them to go elsewhere.

cartoon of a wasp

Find the Nest

The first step to getting rid of these pesky insects is to find where the nest is located. Wasps can hide in trees, in rafters, crawlspaces, railings, fencing or in the eaves of the roof. There may be more than one nest you need to eliminate to be rid of them completely. Wasps do not survive through the winter with freezing temperatures and generally do not come back to the same nest once it has been abandoned for the season.

Wear Safety Gear

Wasps get angry and are likely to sting, especially if you’re disturbing their home. Dress in long pants and sleeves. Wear gloves tucked into your sleeves to prevent any from sneaking up your shirt. Tuck your pants into your socks to protect your legs from stings. Protect your head with the combination of a bandana and hat. Keep the mindset of the more the better. The goal is to come out of this without any injuries, but if you do get stung at least it will be minimal.


The best time to get rid of a nest is to do it at night when they’re calm and inside the nest. They’re not as aggressive when they’re settled in the nest as they are when they’re flying around outside guarding their territory. They are less likely to leave the nest to fight, which is extremely beneficial when it comes to more aggressive wasps like yellow jackets that will sting and bite numerous times before dying. It may take multiple attempts to get rid of the nest, which should be spaced out for maximum effectiveness.

The hornet's or wasp nest, vespiary isolated on white background. A hive of wild forest bees hanging on a branch. Vector cartoon close-up illustration

Eliminating the Wasps

The simplest way to get rid of the nest is to boil a large pot of water and add some dish soap to it. Pour it directly on the nest after the wasps have settled in for the night. Larger nests may need more water. If your first attempt isn’t completely successful, you should come back the next night and repeat the process until the nest is gone. If the nest isn’t receptive to the soap and water, you might need to purchase wasp spray designed specifically to kill and get rid of the nest in the most effective manner.

Not all wasps are bothersome and need to be removed, but if they pose a threat to your home or family and are a little too close for comfort it may be time to get rid of them. Be safe when getting rid of their nests and use proper precautions to protect yourself.