10 Ways To Move Appliances Without Scratching The Floor

Renovations and relocation situations sometimes involve the necessity of moving heavy appliances. While this is not necessarily an easy task, there are ways to handle it that make the process as easy as possible while also maintaining the integrity of the flooring beneath the appliances. Read on for some helpful information about how to move appliances without scratching floor surfaces.
Appliance delivery. Hand truck, fridge, washing machine and microwave oven

Take Measurements

Go beyond eyeing doorways when attempting to move appliances. It is very undesirable to move an appliance only to find that it won’t fit through an entrance way. The less maneuvering, the less likely of damaging the flooring. Use a tape measure to determine door dimensions and map out a plan. The plan may necessitate temporarily removing appliance handles.

Enlist Assistance

Moving appliances is not a one person job. Find a friend or family member who is capable and willing to help with the task. Hire professionals if you need to. Having adequate hands available means better appliance weight distribution. This reduces the likelihood of dragging the appliances, which can greatly damage flooring.

Avoid Pivoting

Decide on not only a pathway for moving the appliances but also a manner of doing so. Think of how to transport the appliances without using any pivoting movements. The pivot motion makes the floor and appliance feet damage likely. To avoid this movement, the appliance may need to be tipped or carried on its side.

Take Safety Precautions

Plan on wearing work gloves and heavy duty closed toe shoes. Neglecting to do so may result in a painful situation where not only is your body harmed, but the pain causes the appliance to drop and damage the flooring. Avoid wearing anything too loose that may become entangled in the appliance or interfere with your hand grasp. Long hair should be secured and out of the way.

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Take The Necessary Time

Don’t cut corners when moving appliances. Take time to empty contents from any appliances being moved. Attempting to move an appliance with anything loose inside of it is just asking for trouble. This includes securing any removable pieces within the appliance as well as securing appliance doors. Tape down any removable knobs as well.

Remove Moisture

Any appliance involving a water component must be drained and dried before attempting a move. For example, fridge water lines must be fully drained. Also, allow fridges and washing machines time to air while turned off. Open appliance doors in prep for the move to get rid of any remaining moisture. Failing to take these measures may result in water leaks that damage flooring.

Clean Flooring

A dirty floor is more likely to become scratched than a clean floor. Even small amounts of dirt and debris make damage more likely. Take the time to sweep, vacuum, and mop any involved floor areas. This simple step protects not only the current flooring but also any further flooring from destruction resulting from debris and sediment trapped appliance base or in appliance wheels.

Inspect Appliance Wheels

Now is the time to give the interior and exterior of the appliance a thorough cleaning. It is also a prime time to inspect the quality of the wheels, if applicable. When doing so, also give them a thorough cleaning. Although wheels are handy, still take all necessary precautions, rather than relying on rolling wheels on bare flooring during the move.

Wrap Appliances

Use professional grade moving pads and rubber bands to prepare appliances for transport. If you are renting a U-Haul vehicle, this company also offers moving supplies and they are used for moving a variety of large items. If you lack access to these types of supplies, at least wrap appliances in blankets. Doing so will protect both flooring and doorways.

Use Proper Flooring Protection

Utilize plywood or other flooring protection when moving heavy appliances. For example, Amazon sells the highly rated Forearm Forklift EZ-Glide Hard Plastic Appliance Mat. This item is versatile and can be used again and again for not only appliances but also other heavy furniture items. Shipping is free and it features a carrying handle and only weighs slightly over six pounds.

Rest assured that moving appliances without committing damage to the appliances, doorways, or flooring is possible. Doing so simply requires some forethought and preparation. Take the time to follow necessary steps. Obtain assistance and proper supplies and feel confident about making the move.